Radebeul Ost to Radeburg
11th July 2002
Today's Railways Tours charter train.
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Radebeul Ost
2-10-2T 99 791 and Meyer 0-4-4-0T 99 586 are preserved and on display adjacent to the station.
Meyer 0-4-4-0T 132 is preserved and was used for our train. 2-10-2Ts 99 1778-2 & 99 1775-8 were dead outside a shed building housing 99 1793-1.
An 0-10-0T, presumably 99 713, was in a locked shed.
2-10-2T 99 1779-0 arrived on a service train shortly before our train departed.

Weißes Roß
Photostop, then 2 shots of our train departing.

Runpast from a gloomy wood and through the station.

Friedewald Bad
A reversal and runpast into the station.

Between Friedewald Bad and Moritzburg
Runpast over a dam as seen from the northern end of the run.

Between the dam and Moritzburg
Another runpast through open fields, just south of Moritzburg.

A half-hour scheduled stop here while our loco took on water and 2 service trains hauled by 2-10-2Ts crossed, 99 1779-0 going north and 99 1789-9 returning south.

Another unscheduled photostop after a runpast at Cunnertswalde was cancelled due to bad light.
99 1779-0 runs round the service train and 132 goes on shed after its run.
A diesel took us back to Radebeul Ost and is seen there after arrival.

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