Zittauer Schmalspurbahn
Zittau - Bertsdorf - Oybin/Jonsdorf
Saturday 13th July 2002

We arrived at Zittau just in time to photograph 2-10-2T 99 760 depart with the 10.40 to Oybin. After it left we headed for the depot, stopping to photograph 99 731 taking the stock for the 11.26 to Oybin to the station. Stored in a siding behind the depot were another three 2-10-2Ts, 99 749, 99 787 and 99 757. 99 735 was locked in the back of the shed.

We returned to the station to photograph 99 731 waiting to depart before taking the train as far as Bertsdorf. The standard guage branch on the right goes to the Czech republic via Poland.
At Bertsdorf we photographed the twin 11.59 departures to Jonsdorf, left with 99 760, and Oybin with 99 731.

While waiting for them to return we visited Bertsdorf shed which contained 0-8-0T 99 4532-0 and 0-10-0T 99 715. While there 99 731 passed with the 12.30 to Zittau.
A diesel railcar, 137 322
, was in the yard.

Twenty minutes later 99 760 arrived with the 12.37 from Jonsdorf to Zittau and we decided to take this and come back on the next train.

All the pictures on the left were taken during the half-hour run from Bertsdorf to Zittau behind 99 760, an easy run as it is downhill virtually all the way.

After arrival at Zittau 99 760 quickly departed to the yard with its train to allow 99 731 to bring its own train in ready for the 13.40 back to Oybin.

While waiting for the 'off' I took the opportunity to photograph this standard gauge wagon on a narrow-gauge transporter wagon.

Shortly after leaving Zittau 99 731 passes under the viaduct carrying the standard gauge line from Zittau to the Czech republic. At the far end of the viaduct is the border with Poland, through which the line passes for a short distance before reaching the Czech border. Our train then paused at Zittau Vorstadt where there were more loaded transporter wagons, one carrying a tender. From the start here the locomotive has to work hard on the long climb to Bertsdorf. We took the train all the way to Oybin.

These five shots show 99 731 at Oybin where it ran round its train before returning to Bertsdorf.

At Bertsdorf we changed to the 14.51 to Jonsdorf (first 3 pictures) hauled by 99 760 which ran round at Jonsdorf  (remaining 5 pictures) and returned as the 15.27 to Bertsdorf only. Its next duty would be the 16.00 to Oybin and the 16.28 from there to Zittau.

99 760 seen from the first coach between Oybin and Bertsdorf, and then taking water at Bertsdorf before leaving with the 16.00 to Oybin, seen passing the signal box at Bertsdorf (bottom left).
The last 2 pictures show 99 731 arriving at Bertsdorf with the 16.02 from Zittau to Jonsdorf, just before we left for Zittau behind 99 760.

This page created 30th August 2002.

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