Cranzahl to Kurort Oberwiesenthal
Monday 15th July 2002.

On the left 2-10-2T 99 786 stands at Cranzahl with the 11.40 departure for Kurort Oberwiesenthal, where the less fortunate 99 776 stands out of use.

We took the 11.40 to Oberwiesenthal, passing 99 794 with a northbound service at Niederschlag. Three more locos were outside the shed when we arrived, 99 772, 77 773 and 99 785 and they were soon joined by 99 786.

99 786 crosses the viaduct at Kurort Oberwiesenthal with the 13.50 train to Cranzahl as low cloud forms over the surrounding hills.

Almost an hour later 99 794 crosses the same viaduct with the 13.40 from Cranzahl. By now it is getting misty and a steady drizzle is falling.

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