We arrived here late on the afternoon of 15th July to find 0-4-4-0T 99 582 waiting with our train, and just time for a couple of photographs before depature.

For most of the outward journey the swirling steam was obscuring much of the train but it cleared long enough for a couple of photographs.

At the passing loop near the far end of the line there was time for more photographs while the loco ran round.

We were then propelled to the very end of the line where we disembarked and walked back some way for the first runpast.

We then returned to the run-round loop for another photograph before stopping for another runpast about half way back.

We returned to Schonheide for more photographs before visiting the shed which housed two more Meyer tanks, 99 516 and 99 1585.

This page created 25th August 2002.

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